FAKE #1: Lie or Meta-Lie, That´s the Question.

CALL FOR PAPERS . . . Power Ξ Manipulation Ξ Lie Ξ Disempowerment Ξ Truth

May be you remember Ryan Holidays impressing book ´Trust Me I´m Lying´. It´s on techniques to manipulate public opinion or to discredit competitors, following a detailed elaborated director´s or spin doctor´s script. Ryan reports on this topics as a former professionell flyer. Working as an independent contractor.

Besides lies there seems to be another fascinating field of power and manipulation. Meta-Lies. A technique to disempower institutions that protect truth. Lawrence Douglas, professor of law, jurisprudence and social thought at Amherst College explained this technique in an article in ´theguardian´. It seems to be a powerful way to disempower the integrity of the most importantant truth defending institutions in a democracy: the university, the judiciary and the free press. A well proven method in authoritarian regimes. Greetings from George Orwells 1984.

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Dr. Hartwig Maly

Dr. Hartwig Maly